Back to life; back to reality…

My week of recovering from my twisted ankle has come to an end.

A joyful end.

I have to catch up on my to do list for the week… and I can’t stand when I feel super un-productive.  Which has seemingly been the theme of my week thus far.

The ankle is about 92%.  It aches like when I push my Achilles a smidgen too far, but that is it.  The Trot with Theron this morning was a little slower than usual, but not slower than glutenated-pace.

However, I was groggy all morning from taking Tylenol PM, and just ate my true breakfast around 1 pm… so I’m just now tackling the bulk of my to do list…

Wanna see this bad boy???

I knew it!

  • Sympathy card – Send to a family who is dear to my heart, and who I am thinking of often.  Love you guys, wish we could be there in person to celebrate the life of your beloved this weekend.
  • Dust
  • Swiffer
  • Vacuum (bedroom, carpets, basement)
  • Laundry
  • Scrub Bathroom
  • Face fear of oven cleaner
  • Spray oven with oven cleaner 
  • Scrub sprayed down oven
  • Check out sneakers online for treadtime
  • Check out magnets
  • Make sushi (1st time ever!) with hubs for date night with Rex Goliath Muscato (Anyone out there try that??  Is it any good?  It was in the dredges of the now empty wine cellar.)
That all sounds super fun right??? 
I really want to get the card ready to be licked (envelope glue often contains gluten so it’s a 2 man job in our house), get started on the laundry and get the cleaning done.  I have no shame in the rest rolling forward to tomorrow!!
Reality seems to arrive with quite a lot of work to do!!
Happy Friday afternoon!  

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