Just not feelin it…

Yesterday was just one of those days…

I was just feelin…. Blah….

I usually love the rain…  Yesterday, I was indifferent.

I usually like when I’ve checked things off my to do list…. not so much yesterday…  It didn’t give me that little buzz of accomplishment.

I think it’s because I have this bum leg…  And because I ate too much soup for lunch. 😦  I hate how creamy soups taste sooooo good, and then sit in my tummy like lead….

Source: amazon.com


Hubs and I kinda were in a funk with each other and had to start to talk some stuff out.  Which did not make for a super awesome evening.

The animals were not very loving.  Especially Theron… He’s mighty upset about having to be toweled off after each time outside in the rain.

Just one of them days where I wasn’t feelin it….

But today…  Now today is better.

Today I got to go on the bike in the basement, very slowly, and very easy tension so I didn’t hurt my ankle… since it’s still not good to go.  It’s getting better, but uneven surfaces and stairs make it flair up.   But the bike made it feel a little achy but mostly looser.  And I was able to do some light strength training.

It’s still raining… So Theron is in full on apathetic mode.  He’s mad at the rain and at a mommy who can’t walk him around the ‘hood.

Tonight it’s the Cellar Door!!  Since it’s raining the Cellar Door got moved inside the newly renovated Market Building.  Do you think my mud boots are appropriate for the wine-age??? They are kinda fancy no?


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