The Triple Klutz

The origin of the Triple Klutz Award goes back many a moon.

Instead of doing Triple SowCow… we do triple klutzes in my family.

When we were younger, my sister was a little clumsy…  She was so easy to pick on because with a slight shove NEAR a garbage can, she’d almost fall in.  This got a lot more alarming as she grew older and started driving, as I am sure you can imagine.

I would love to pretend it was just her who had this gene… but it’s not true.  She does seem to show it a lot more (Sorry Lu!) and I really had hoped I only triple klutzed as a result of gluten and of working to hard/fast.

To be honest, I have it as well.

Mine seems to come out most when I am nervous.

Hubs’ work peeps intimidate the bezjeeezums out of me.  He works with the CFO of the company, and other C-Level folks.  I just honestly feel like a little freak from Podunk when I am around them.

Which makes things worse.

Like yesterday.  Hubs was at his company’s golf tournament.  Every year he gets to go to help set up and then watch the tourney.  Every year he asks me to come visit him and enjoy the tourney around 3 in the afternoon. This year I actually could… so he came and picked me up and away we went.

No more than an hour into it, we were walking down to where his HR department was sitting (I just barely met these ladies yesterday), and i trip into a hole in the road.

I scraped my knee, put a hole in the knee of my jeans… I scuffed up my NEW brown flats…. and I twisted my ankle so badly that I can’t hardly put weight on it.

See evidence below:

I swear I have nice little size 7.5 feet… not the monstrosities they look to be above.

I feel like such a chump now!
I posted it on facebook last night, and my sister graciously offered to give me her Triple Klutz Award.  What a sweetheart (please read that DRIPPING with sarcasm)!
And I know I mortified Hubs.

He’ll never get the family award, he’s too coordinated and golden… šŸ˜¦

So today after I iced, and wrapped the crap out of my ankle… oh and took enough ibuprofen to kill my liver… I went and gave a massage…. I mean…. A girl’s gotta make money!!

And then stopped at the library, because I am doing a lot of icing and elevating of the old ankle now…  which means I get to read like the reading champ I am…. (One summer I read 133 books on summer break, and still had time to go tubing on the lake a lot… that’s my reading champ cred. )

By the way– Sister dearest — The UPS guy has come and gone, and my Triple Klutz Award is no where to be found. šŸ™‚


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