A Seriously Happy Sunday

We slept in yesterday… just a smidgen…

Then had microwaved apple oat cakes… topped with sliced almonds and apples.  I wish I could say I took a picture… but alas and alack, I did not.

Then we headed out to hike Mill Mountain…

Last time we went on the Star Trail….

This time we decided to give the Wood Thrush trail a try.
We thought they’d both bring us to the star, but it was not so!  We ended up terminating at the Blue Ridge Parkway.

What I really love about hiking is I always let my imagination go wild and feel like a Hobbit on a great adventure, or a Redwaller…

Afterwards we drove around and checked out the campground on the mountain…  It’s super nice.  We’re hoping to get a trip in before the snow flies!
When we got home, much to our joy… there was a lemonade stand… with free cookies…. Yes, free cookies. I gave mine to Jon since they were gluteny.  
I also realized when chit-chatting with one of our neighbors the other day that I apparently hung on our fence one of Theron’s poop bags…  That’s totally normal to decorate with right?
We puttered knocked things off our to do list the rest of the day…  
Hubs did a great job edging our front walk way…. look how sharp that looks!

Once this was finished, Hubs weeded with a beer and I read with a glass of wine… outside… in the 75 degree weather. 🙂

It was a perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect day.


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