Update on September Goals

Originally posted herrrrrrrre….


Yoga/Pilates Daily in the AM (Just a short amount, enough to kinda stretch and start the day focused in a good way)
Run 3x a week.
Bike 3x a week. (Alternating with running days)
Rest 1x a week.
Strength Train 2x a week.
Walk Theron nightly. 

Here’s the reality…  I didn’t quite adhere, but by this point, I am consistent with exercising again.  I think focusing on bringing this back to importance really helped with that.  So this was a success; but occurred in an unplanned way.

Practice the art of intuitive eating. (Eating only when hungry, stopping when no longer hungry, etc)
Focus on moving towards whole/real foods.

Also some improvement here…. but with the improvements… I’ve also done a really bad job this past week or two with eating sugary crap.  I get headaches and feel sluggish when I eat sweets, so that’s an area I’m focusing in on still.

Focus on the budget.

We have done EXCELLENT on this one.  One little blip one day, other than that….we’re on track!!!


I’m all over this…. ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLOVER!!  I’ve got my house spic and span (What the crap does that phrase mean anyway???).  I was able to relax most of the day today because the house is clean, most of my monthly chores are done (yes, for the month of October).  

8 hours a night, every night.

Ummmm not so hot so here…  We’re doing okay with getting more than 6 hours, but also have been staying up later and getting up later… which is pushing my workout schedule off from where I wants it.  But we’ll work on that, oh yes, oh yes we will.

Stress/Anxiety Levels related to Job.

FREEDOM!!  I still do not feel any regret for moving onto massaging full time.  I had 3 scheduled this week, and that was only 1 down from where I need to be.  I believe in what I am doing.  And I know with continual hard work this can work out.  

But I’m not stressed…  not like before.  You can see it on my face (good bye cystic acne), you can see it in my actions (I’m a happy girl these days), it’s just amazing.

I’m just going to keep on with this stuff for a bit.  No new goals until this stuff is fully integrated.




That means I’ll probably have a whole list of things to get done before next year when I turn….30... duhnt duhnt duhntttttttttttt……


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