The Girl Who Can’t Put Down The Book

I’ve mentioned before that i have a slight reading problem.

As in, it’s not safe for me to start reading…  Because I can’t stop!!

Addictive it is.

Last night I stayed up until 2:38 am reading a Nora Roberts book.  Yes, I realize that’s not a classic or anything special, but damn I love the sappy romance part!  đź™‚

Therefore, it’s 10 am, and the Hubs and i are just starting into our coffee!!

And I don’t feel bad, nope, not one bit!!!

Since I’ve been home all week, the house is uber clean…. Not quite eat off the floor clean because mopping is on the agenda for Monday, but pretty stinkin close!

Alls I gots to do to day is finalize the grocer list, walk Theron, make soup.

Love the weekend!!!

I also plan to avoid the other two books I took out of the library, so I don’t get sucked in!!!

Happy Weekend!


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