I have this major issue with defeating myself.  So I’m going to talk myself through this and push on through to the other side. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve been freaking myself out about time and distance to walk to the Day Spa all morning long.

It takes 17 minutes.

Most of it is in my neighborhood… but 5 minutes of it (yes, less than 1/3) is on a main road that doesn’t have sidewalks, and that people generally don’t walk on.  (I guess that means I am letting myself worry about what people I never will meet are thinking about the weirdo with a backpack walking up the road.)

I’m letting 5 minutes of my walk freak me out.

Oh and worrying about crossing the road because it’s “busier” than my 3 car an hour street.
Let’s look at the reasons I wanted to work close enough to walk, shall we?

  • Good built-in exercise
  • Better for the environment (I don’t eat gas to go!)
  • It’s a cost cutting measure to coincide with my reduction in steady income
  • It’ll keep the Lil-Civic-That-Could goin longer (hopefully, fingers crossed) (Oh and why  Lil-Civic-That-Could??? Because that car has been there through so much…. pea-gravel back roads, toting our kayaks, camping, moving here, many many many miles of trips from here to VT, from here to NC, all over!!!  And that stinker keeps going, even with me at the wheel!)
  • It eliminates weather was an issue for getting to work
  • It eliminated the search for a Subaru to replace the Lil-Civic-That-Could
  • The walk clears my mind and grounds me, which is super important for massaging and focusing on someone else’s care.

This is one of those things where it’s the worlds STUPIDEST thing to worry about… but fixate and worry I do. ๐Ÿ™‚  It’s also one of those things that i know a month or two from now will seem like small bananas…

Speaking of bananas….

I’ve got some soon to be overly ripe bananas in the banana bowl…

I don’t want to make banana bread… and i don’t want to freeze them because we have a copious supply of frozen ones…

What else can i do with these guys so they don’t go to waste????


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