Tea Time

I just had it yesterday!!!  Me relaxing while the Hubs makes dinner last night. 🙂

After the gluten debacle yesterday… You’d probably have thought I gave up the idea of more baking right???


Instead, I made something different.
I had a key lime pound cake mix from Hannafords (via one of the mothers, we received one from each 🙂 )… so I made that in a spring form pan, and then once it was done, I slid it off onto a platter.

Then I doused it good with a modified cheesecake/ball… We had a white chocolate amaretto cheesecake/ball mix kicking around…. So i used that as a base, added 7 ounces whipped cream cheese, 3 ounces fat free cream cheese and a splash of coconut milk.  Whipped that all together and poured it on the cake.
I covered it with sliced almonds (they were included with the ball/cake).
I let this bad boy sit in the fridge and get more delicious!!!

I will admit you can’t tell it’s a lime flavored cake, but the cheesecake frosting stuff… wow… It’s awesome.

That’s what we ate last night while Hulu-ing (that’s the verb version of Hulu, right?) NCIS and NCIS:LA.

It’s been a pretty relaxed morning…
Breakfast was leftover pumpkin oats…. which I do not prefer…. but didn’t want to waste…

Theron passing out in the sunsplashes in the foyer….  He’s actually passing out in protest.  The past two mornings he’s gotten super giddy when I put my sneakers on… and then super disappointed when I go downstairs (yesterday to the treadmill, today to the exercise bike).

I have a lady bug thing…  Lots of collectibles… this is my little tea drip ring… cute huh?

A couple years ago, whilst on our way home from visiting Greg and Willie at Moose Meadow Lodge (which is freakin gorgeous)… My moms and I stopped on our way from Duxbury, VT to Waterbury, VT at the Vermont Liberty Tea Company.  This morning felt like a tea sort of day… so I brewed up a pot of my last little blue tin of VLTC tea. 😦  Sad faces for it being the last one, but 🙂 Happy faces for how awesome it is.  I love love love their teas…. Stop by if you are ever around Waterbury, VT!!!!

Off to clean up from my workout, and then finish cleaning the house.  And I suppose eventually Theron will guilt me into a walk around the hood.

Oh, and a haircut tonight!!!!  Let’s hope my bangs are FINALLY grown out enough to fade into the rest of my hair.


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