Who in the eff glutenates themself???

Me apparently.

Thought the day was off to an okay start… what with going on the treadmill and getting some strength training and stretching in…
And pulling apart our bed to wash/dry the sheets… and to do the same with the curtains in there and in the office.

Oh and making and having lunch with hubs…

But once Hubs went back to work, it went downhill….

Because I totally wanted to make brownies for him and top them with an amaretto cheesecake thing….

So I trusted my own pantry… dumbass…. That was the first mistake…

We had an allergy free mix from Cherry Brook Farms alright….

Just not gluten free…

Which I didn’t discover until after mixing it all up and joyfully licking the spatula….


Double Eff…

Triple Eff even….

Let’s hope I can do some kinda kickass Jedi mind trick and convince myself there was no gluten in those jokers….

On the positive side… Hubs can kiss up to those ladies at work by way of bringing in brownies tomorrow…

While I languish on the couch… In pain….  Rock on like i didn’t get glutenated….  yah…. fingers crossed, prayers up to the big guy, that sort of thing PLEASE!!!

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