Are you sure it’s not Monday???

Because that’s kinda what it feels like!!!

Since the day spa isn’t open on Sundays or Mondays, Mondays are now part of my weekend.  And I had a massage scheduled bright and early this morning, so it made Tuesday feel like Monday… Following me??? Good.

And when I got there (walking after having timed it yesterday, and might I add cutting 4 minutes off that time) there were no cars in sight!!!  Hubs and I had both mentioned our fear that I would be there, and no one would be there to let me in.  You see, I don’t have a key… YET….  They are in the processing of getting me one, but that didn’t help this morning.  As I’m standing at the door looking a little lost and a little nerdy, I suspect, as I had on my backpack and my pants were rolled into capris to keep them from dragging on the walk to the day spa… The clock hits 9:00am… Still no one in the parking area for the day spa… but a gentleman walks up…

My client…

My first client… of my first week…. of full time massaging….

And I can’t get in the freakin building…

Seriously???  SERIOUSLY.

Thank goodness for two things that happened next….
The guy is retired, and instead of getting upset, he hung out a while and talked plants and trees with me…
Then, joy of all joy… The Midwife (Yes, we have a midwife located at the day spa… as well as a lactation specialist/shop, and an ayurvedic consultant) drove in!!!

The Midwife has a key!!!

The Midwife saved the day!!!

I was able to start the massage only 20 minutes later than scheduled!

First one down baby, first one down. (GRIN)

I also got to chit chat with the nurse/nail technician/infared specialist/office manager/apparently go to for everything girl…. We squared away the key situation, and some other miscellaneous stuff.

I walked home in the pretty sunshine (yes, with my rolled up pant-pris) happy as a lark.

I made broasted (broiled and roasted) potatoes and kale for Hubs and I for lunch.  And ended lunch with a caffeinated coffee.  I only have been having the afternoon coffee because I needed it at The Bank….  But I think it’s actually messing with my system now.  The past two days shortly after caffeine time I’ve been feeling a little crotchety.  Tomorrow I will forgo the afternoon coffee and see how that shakes out!

Another thing I know you’ve been on the edge of your seat, wondering, waiting and anticipating…. Is to find out what kind of delights I made to welcome the Hubs home…

You weren’t wondering?  Waiting?  Anticipating?

Too bad…


We had…

Balsamic Asparagus
A Summer Squash Casserole (Sliced summer squash, GF Bread Crumbs, Shaker Style Cabot Cheddar, Italian Seasonings and “Cooking Wine”… more on the wine later)

Scallops with Pancetta and Maple Syrup (Deglazed, of course, with “Cooking Wine”)

My baby is such a good bargain shopper!!
Family Maple Syrup… Not family scallops… Kroger Scallops… and they smelled a little chemically… 😦

“Cooking Wine”  (I think that it’s always smart to drink a glass of wine when cooking, you  never know when you might need a splash from your glass for your squash casserole or to deglaze your pancetta…. right???)

Thank you Chateau Morriessette


The meal… not just the wine. πŸ™‚

Tonight is Pizza with Jalapeno/Cilantro Mozzarella with sliced tomatoes and chunks of avocado… Before we race off to see our Financial Advisor.  Wish us luck with figuring out what the *&#&$ to do with my 401k!

Now, I’m going to plant some plants outside, and probably take THIS GUY on a walk….

My favorite little man around!

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