A Happy Monday

I accomplished a lot of what I thought would be my to-do list for this week this past weekend!!

And already today I have accomplished far more than I expected…
Up (almost on time, 2 snoozers…. it’s an improvement though!!) in time to do some yoga with the Hubs.
We enjoyed packing his lunch and having leftover pumpkin pancakes for breakfast….

And then delight of all delights… we actually sat on the couch together and drank our coffee together!!  I even got to sit with Theron for a few….

While Hubs got pretty for work… Boys like being called pretty right???  I thought so…. Anyway… I pulled out the Fall Decor we had stored away in the attic and made the house harvesty….

After Hubs went off to work, I cleaned the kitchen really well… and took our summer clothes and put them into bins.  Bins having just been vacated by our sweaters and long underwear (we have an insane amount of long underwear.  Hubs more so than me thanks to his 0% body fat).  All that stuff is mostly put away in our dressers… Minus half of Hubs’ insanely huge long underwear collection.

Then me and T got geared up for our timed walk.
I wanted to time how long it will take to walk to Classic Image, and how long it will take to walk home.  I figured adding Theron to the mix served double duty – It added a time buffer (by way of time spent taking care of his bizness, and him smelling stuff.) and took him on his walk!!!  It’s 21 minutes there (perhaps due to Theron having bizness on that part of the trip) and 20 minutes back.  Not too shabby!!

I showered up, did my hair and checked in with Hubs.  He’s coming home to have lunch with me!!  That’s one of those awesome things about having him work about 10 minutes away!

Now I’m just waiting on my lunch date…..


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