Why is it 10 PM and I am just barely posting???

Was it because I relaxed my first self-employed day away???

No sir!

Whilst I had no massages scheduled…..  I did bust butt and get a TON done…

Like what?  Really???????

Making fluffy GF pumpkin pancakes for my love…
Walking the puppy with Hubby….

Or maybe like…
Picking up the house…
Doing laundry….
Putting laundry away…
Reorganizing each and every item of clothing I own…  Including color coding my bras and pantyhoses…. Yah, that’s called badass cleaning…  (Also, the type of thing that sounds easy but takes freaking HOURS… HOURS I TELL YOU!!!)

Or how about… watching the Hokies lose…  Sad times in the G house…. Hubs is not happy, not pleased, and honestly, not particularly nice right now!!

And going through and organizing ALL of my massage stuff.
Prior to today the file cabinet was full of crap just thrown in it.. no folders… I couldn’t even find my business debit card…

Yah, that stuff’s all organized…

And the debit card was found, and used to order new business cards!!!

Pretty Right?????

Now it’s onto to popcorn, and trying to make Hubs smile…. and then bed.


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