Slouching Sabotagues your Six-Pack

Linsday’s List from Tuesday has had me thinking on it ever since…

Especially that tip from Men’s Health…  #2…

I do pilates, on average every other day, most weeks.  It takes 10-20 minutes.

However, that is 30-80 minutes of my week.

I don’t focus on my core any time other than that… Excluding when I practice yoga and when I run…  The rest of the time, I slouch, perch, slump…

Therefore, I completely negate all my core work…and honestly, am reinforcing the poor posture behaviours/choices.

This is a theme for me.  When I massage, I usually use proper body mechanics (It’s important to do so to have a long and fruitful career.)… but sometimes I slouch or bend awkwardly in order to really get to a muscle.  I catch myself quickly.  But it’s that same concept.

What we are (body-wise, character-wise, etc) is truly what we are the majority of the time… not what we are for a few minutes of the day… 

Now that’s something to sit up straight and pay attention to! 🙂


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