Yoga – Morning Versus Evening

Long ago, and far away, before Hubs lost a tooth, I used to practice Yoga in the evenings on Monday and Thursday nights while Hubs was away playing basketball.  It was glorious, and restorative, and centering, and I LOVED IT!!!

Since the tooth debacle I have lost my Mindy-Yoga time.   Why you ask?  Because he’s a super cool guy, my best buddy and I love to soak up any time I can spend with him!!  So… until his tooth is finally firmly and permantently in, he can’t play.  Therefore… I end up hanging out with him Monday and Thursday nights… Not practicing my Yoga.

Which I missed.

A lot.

So…  A couple months ago, I finally convinced him to do a quick 20 minute practice most monrings with me. 

He liked it!!!  I liked sharing somethign I love, and finding time to practice again.  Around that same time I had started using the treadmill again.  I was finding it very helpful when I am going to run in the morning to center and stretch my body.  I had grown to think that I might even prefer morning Yoga!!!

And then…

Last night…

I practiced Yoga in the evening…

And my muscles were already warm from the day, instead of cold from sleep…

Enter pliability of the body… combined with not feeling rushed to get to work…  It was wonderful.

Part of the beneift probably had to do with my body being already awake as it was the end of the day.  Rather than using Yoga to help wake it….
I felt far more centered (mentally/emotionally) after my practice last night than I have felt in months upon months.

I definitely noticed that the morning practice centers and prepares my body, but the evening practice worked primarily on my mind.

Anyone else notice this?

I’m thinking of doing a few asanas before bed for a few nights and seeing if I sleep sounder!


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