Cut to the Chase – M&M’s

Know what I am having for lunch today?


Know how many times I had to justify that choice??? TWICE!!

Truthfully, I wanted them for dinner.  I wanted roasted potatoes and M&M’s.  However… Here’s what Hubs had to say on that: 
“I would be ok with roasted potatoes… but m&ms?”

In my world, that means he vetoed it.

However, it’s all I want!!!  I don’t want my lentil soup.  I don’t want my nuts and dried fruit.  I want some stinkin M&M’s.

So that’s my lunch. 🙂

My buddy Mark asked, as usual each work day:
M: “What was lunch?”
Me: “M&M’s”
M: “Just M&M’s”
       DON”T GIVE ME CRAP (Hubs name was inserted here)
       It was going to be roasted potatoes and M&M’s for dinner
       but (Hubs) gave me that really crap
       it’s all I want
       I don’t want to eat a bunch of other crap because “I should” and then still eat the dammmmn m&ms 
        cut to the chase, m&ms
 So that’s today’s lunch time motto…

Cut to the chase, don’t eat everything else under the sun when you know all you want really and truly is M&M’s.


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