Rest and Restoration…

I have no massages scheduled today.
I have no obligations beyond watching the Hokie game out somewhere with the Hubs at 3:30.

I’m so psyched.  A whole day.  Just for me.

And my Honey-Do List is nice and long. 

  • Laundry
  • Dust
  • Vacuum
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Change bed clothes
  • Make bread (2 styles)
  • Exercise (Shoulder & Knee PT, Run/Bike, Yoga – Sounds like a lot but I promise it was less than an hour and a half)
  • Move boxes out of Dining Room

I’m wicked ready to tackle my list!!  Does anyone else find it restorative and relaxing to kick around your house with nothing more to do than putter away at your chores?  Sometimes it’s a headache if time is short, but if I have the time laid out… Nothing beats it.  Especially when it’s a weekend like this where the past week has been a little disorganized/out of order and restoring the order to the house will make the rest of things feel more organized.

But first…. to fuel….  Oats with nutella, craisins, coconut, hemp and flax!!  (I could only finish half my portion… lots of good fiber!)

I’m playing with fire oats…. to see if they illicit a gluteny response.  The first three trials state they are okay.  Today with me feeling 100% with no other variables will be the key test.  Keep you fingers crossed because a bag of certified GF oats is an insane $11, and a bucket of the same amount of regular ones are like $3. 

Happy Chore Day!  + Go HOKIES!


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