Dinner of Convenience

Hubs and the In-laws took a trip to Walmart last Friday.  I’m glad he went because he was the Gluten Free Warden of the shopping trip.  We don’t allow gluten in the house (beer excluded).  He/They found some Progresso soups that were GF!  They said so on the label, so it has to be true.

It’s been rainy and deary all the live long day here.  Perfect to set the mood for soup and sandwiches for dinner.

Plus, Hubs boiled eggs this morning.  2 were supposed to make it into my lunch.  0 actually made it in.  After I got over my initial disappointment… I decided to make egg salad sandwiches tonight!

After dinner and a trot around the hood in my mudboots, I’m posting this and then I fully plan to snag a glass o’ vino, and snuggle down in the reading room and read some of The Fellowship of the Ring aloud to Hubs.

Yes, we know how to party like rockstars.  We just chose not to. 😉
Here’s Theron living it up, thanks to Mark’s gift of puppy stix…

Theron reading the package to make sure it’s wheat free…

Theron sampling the wares…  which he LOVED.  Thanks again Marky!

What’s going on for everyone else’s Friday nights????

Hubs wanted me to share a link…You can enter to win a $5,000.00 dream vacation.  Via Ford.  And you don’t even have to bring me.


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