Our Home is Ours Again!

Today marks the end of a lovely visit with the In-Laws.  It’s nice to have visitors, but I think I was boring them as I ran out of funny stories to share! 🙂

Whew, time to breathe and move onto settling into the last week and a half of life as we know it.  I’m starting to feel geared up again today.  I was, as you know, kinda starting to get a little negative about the change.  I’m not sure how much my In-Laws’ reception to the idea of me leaving the bank played in to that… But today, with being almost un-glutenated, and having our home back… I’m getting a little playful excitement. 

I’m excited to go home tonight and get to work out.
I haven’t worked out in a couple weeks.  First with preparing and finishing last minute projects for the visitors, and then with the visitors.  My poor knees are sloshing around and my shoulders are less than happy with me.  And my body feels full of cobwebs (if that makes any sense)!
How do you keep to your exercise habit when you have visitors in house?  I always seem to push the need to exercise aside, and then end up feeling crappier for it!!

I’m also excited to reconnect with my handsome husband.  We haven’t been able to get more than a few fleeting sentences between us since last Thursday!  We’re too tired to talk before bed, and the rest of the time we’ve been chit-chatting with the In-Laws.

Having our home back to ourselves makes tonight feel like a Friday. 🙂 

Here’s to a Pretend-Friday!!!


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