Weight Talk Wednesday

I have often fallen into the trap of… Once I reach x weight, then I can ______….
Fill in the blank however you want…  Then I can buy clothes.  Then I can relax.  Then I can feel comfortable in my own skin.  Then I can feel good enough for my husband.  Then maybe my mother will be proud.  There’s a MILLION different “thens”.

You want to know how long I’ve been waiting to reach x weight?  Since I was a teenager.

Time is slipping by, and my issue and relationship with my weight is growing slowly but steadily worse, not better.

And I’ll be honest… I’ve go no desire to be emotionally and mentally in this trap any longer.  I’ve created this jail and I’m ready to break on out.

Enter Intuitive Eating.

I read the book, and I thought a lot on the concepts…  How they can work for me, if they jive with my personal beliefs, if it seems like I can really make the plunge to stop focusing on my weight and start focusing on my wellbeing and how I feel in my skin.

And then I thought to the last time I felt free from the weight trap and felt just okay with me.

At that point in time, I was focused on getting my body, my mind and muscles as healthy as possible.  I wasn’t worried near as much about what I was eating.  I naturally wanted stuff that made me feel energized, and happy.  I didn’t want things that made me feel bogged down and sluggish.

I want to be back to that place.  I want to feel happy where I’m at, even if it isn’t where I wanted to go.  I want to enjoy my life and not let my relationship with my weight, or my food be the deciding factor of whether I enjoy it or not.

I’m not going to diet anymore.  I am renouncing them all!  
It almost seems to easy…
Eat when you’re physically hungry.
Stop when you’re physically full.
Eat what fuels you happily, pass on what makes you feel crappy.
Exercise because it makes you feel healthy and strong.
Learn to work through the emotions that drive your binges or emotional eating.
Let your body normalize itself by honoring when you are hungry, honoring when you are full, and honoring your health.
(This is my paraphrasing of it all. 🙂 )

Let the wild ride commence!!


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