Roanoke Greek Festival

Hubs is half Greek.  His dad came over from Greece when he was a boy, about 10 or 11 years old.

For the past 6 years the local Greek Orthodox Church has put on the Greek Festival here… With Greek Foods, Greek drinks, Greek goods and Greek music.

The In-Laws came with us a couple years ago, and were able to come back this year.  It was a blast (minus the sad sad fact that I got glutenated, reallllllllyyyyyy badly.).

Pictures are from Friday, when we scored a table in the Taverna… pictures taken via cameraphone, so please overlook the lack of quality!

The Real Deal Greek!

Greek by Marriage

Greek Beer!

Greek by Marriage

Handsome Greek Hubs

And that folks… was our Friday evening.  Such a blast!! K (brother of Hubs) came down from PA and the In-Laws from VT.  K met us at the festival Friday night. 

We did a repeat on Sunday. Great way to start and end the weekend! 🙂


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