Let’s Go… HOKIES!!!

So… now you’re up to date on what we did Friday and Sunday… I’m sure you’ve been wondering just what we did Saturday…

When Hubs found out when his family was coming down… He thought it would be nice to take them all to a Hokie game.  His parents had never been.  Even with Hubs attending Virginia Tech (2001-2005) and us still living down here. 
Hubs’ has been scouring the interweb, looking for the best tix possible with parking passes… to give the family the ultimate Hokie Game day!  Early on, he mentioned it to his Mom, but she thought it would be best not to get Hubs’ dad all excited if it didn’t pan out…. From there the idea of surprising the FIL was put into motion.  It went down pretty good.  The boys even packed the Xterra while FIL was showering.  But then he got suspicious and we had to spill!  He was psyched.  He had a blast.

We had fabulous tix… purchased from a super nice guy down in Myrtle Beach.  With a great parking pass…  Next to super fun people.

A day to remember.

Plus, the Hokies got a W…. so all were happy!


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