Heroic Friday

Today I chose to highlight someone I admire deeply.

I want you to run, not walk to read about her struggle, her balance… ASAP.  Do not dally a moment.

This is something I have been working towards myself.  I’ve been reading Intuitive Eating; I’ve been thinking about the relationship food has with my world.  I want to change it, to grow into a better place, a better space.  I want to eat and exercise, and live to be healthy… not to lose weight… not to be skinny… Just to be healthy.

Thank you Paula for being a brave inspiration.  For reaffirming my belief that balance can be possible.

This Friday, I am reminded to sit in the joy life has to offer, to sit in the despair… and to most importantly, acknowledge and truly admire from my heart those who move me.  Paula – Thank you.


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