Half is better than none!

I’ve been feeling like I’m half-assing most things lately.
Half-assing at work.
Half-assing at home.
Half-assing at the blog.  (Sorry guys!)

But it’s for good reason!!

I’ve gots stuff to get done before I get done at The Bank.

I’ve got to find new insurance for me and Hubs.  (Although he’s done most of the research.)
I’ve got to find new phone plans for when I lose my lovely 26% discount with Verizon.
I’ve got to get all last minute doctor appointments, dentist appointments (both for my filling and Hub’s tooth replacement).
I’ve got to get my house clean for my in-laws arrival.
I’ve got to make tons of gluten free stuff for their arrival.  I’m hoping if I have all the bread and such available they won’t bring it in the house, as we have a No Gluten (except for beer and cat food) rule in the house.

I’m stressed and tired.  And recovering from another glutenation (This past weekend, when we went out to dinner… The common thread is eating food we didn’t prepare).  Hubs and I have embraced the fact that I can’t eat outside the house unless it’s a tried and true meal at a place that knows their gluten.  I can’t be achy and sick while massaging.

So I feel like I’m half-assing everything… but that’s better than not doing it at all…  Or… my current motto this week… Half is better than none…

We’ve narrowed the insurance down!!  We picked one, and are just waiting to get the underwriting done.
I’ve selected some phone plan options, and am just waiting for Hubs’ to review and give his $0.02.
My house is clean, and just needs a quick vacuuming and it’s done!
I’m planning to hit up the ABC (Liquor store) tonight… And make some more bread for this weekend. 
I have my filling scheduled for tomorrow morning, and a podiatrist appointment at lunch time.  I think that finishes my doctor visits.

Soon, so soon, I see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Starting with the MIL and FIL arriving tomorrow night…  🙂


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