The Verdict — Mindy v The To-do List

And the verdict is that I annihilated it!!!! 
I didn’t complete it all, but made a huge dent.

I accomplished all of the Saturday items, minus the run… I was all ready to run outside but my knee kept sloshing around and my big toe feels like I rebroke it.  Sounds like it’s time for new inserts and sneakers!!!
On Sunday we didn’t yoga/pilates or bike, but we did walk the dog!!  And, more importantly

I completed most of the rest of the list.

I also made homemade gluten free french bread… it was awesome… and more importantly, easy to make!!!   Recipe needs a little tweakage, and then I’ll share it with the world. 🙂  (And Kristin you’ll be happy to know it uses Pamela’s bread mix as the flour base!)

And I reorganized our linen closet… sounds easy but it wasn’t!  It holds our sheets, our towels, our cough medicine, band aids, ace bandages, extra TP, soap, etc. 

My vacuum kept doing this crazy thing where it overheats after 2-5 minutes and then doesn’t start up again for 10-15 minutes.  I use the vac to dust in since it makes more sense to suck the dust up than just push it around with a duster.  But… Since my in-laws are arriving Thursday, I had to clean…. so I used the shark sweeper (didn’t do much of anything), the broom, my hands, the handheld broom.  The house isn’t quite up to standard, but at least there’s no piles of fur around anymore. 

From the list….  All that’s left is:

  • Touch up paint – side entry
  • Make rice (I thought we had enough, but used it last night making spanish rice)
  • Make more french bread
  • Move boxes from Dining Room (we’ve got some books packed up that need to be moved, other than that the dining room is usable again!)
  • Continue processing laundry
And then there’s additional additions:
  • Liquor store – We’re out of tequila, triple sec… and more importantly Ouzo…  It can’t be Greek Festival week without ouzo. 🙂
  • Make sunshine pickles with cucumbers on counter
  • Make tailgating chili for Saturday
  • Buy a new vac ( Hubs just got back from the vacuum repair guy and it’s going to cost more than we want to invest in it to fix it)
Busy little Mindy!!
Yes, I know the updates on my to-do list are probably very boring.  I promise to come up with something lively and entertaining soon! 🙂

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