The Dentist

I’m going to start off by saying we LOVE our dentist.
I never thought I’d find another dentist I liked as well as Dr. Sten Fersing (my dentist most of my life), but Dr. Lavinder is a verrrrry close second. 
She does great work, and honestly works from the heart.

Today we had our check up, and Hubs got some extra work done on his implant/crownage.

I had a mostly clean bill of health.  There were some suspect spots identified with the last visit, and we hoped they’d “remineralize”…. which they both did… but one was too far gone when it remineralized, and now it’s a encapsulated cavity. 😦  I will have that taken care of next week.  I tried to take some pictures of my pretty chompers, but I look rode hard and put up wet today.  We stayed up too late, and I am not hydrated. 😦

Hubs has had still has the most amazing teeth.  We lucked out and they had a part needed to finish up taking the mold for his crown.  They pulled some strings, and it looks like his tooth will be able to be completed before our insurance runs out.


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