Thirsty Thursday – Cellar Door Edition

I’ve used that title before (the Thirsty Thursday part), and I’ll use it again!!!  Mark my words!

Today I got a little extra gussied up…  wore a skirt, a nice sweater, cute little boots… I did my hair… and my face… and I lathered up with delicious smelling lotion… I look (and smell) like a lady on the prowl…


I have a date tonight.

With a very handsome man…

Reused picture… 🙂

We’re meeting at lunch to drop his car off at home, so I can pick him up and we can go downtown together right after work…


The Cellar Door

We are seriously excited about this!!  We don’t take time to go downtown nearly enough… And we love local wineries (and meaderies, and cideries)… and this sounds like a ton of fun!!
It’s $5 for a tasting glass, and some tastings from local wineries, meaderies, and cideries…  Here’s the list from the site (link above).

  • Blacksnake Meadery
  • Fincastle Winery
  • Foggy Ridge Cider
  • Peaks of Otter Winery*: Presented by SumDat Farm Market
  • Villa Appalaccia
  • Virginia Mountain Vineyards
  • Pictures to follow… Along with comments on our favorite tastings!!  ðŸ™‚

    Happy Thursday!


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