On Quitting…

When I think of quitting things…  I think of giving up, surrendering, waving the white flag…  Generally when I have quit things, I have felt a lot of failure.

And then there are times when quitting can create opportunities…

Like when I quit smoking (yes, I was a smoker, no I don’t like that part of my past)… That was the kind of quitting that was a positive move.  Really helped me live a healthier life.

Or there’s the kind of quitting you do to follow your heart…. or your dreams… the kind of quitting where leaving behind one thing that allows you to chase other opportunities…

Kind of like when you quit your job today (with an end date of September 30th) to pursue your (current) dream job of massaging as a full time job…


Today I took the plunge.

Today I tendered my resignation at the Bank…

It’s bittersweet for so many reasons; I work with some great people… But I’m so very ready to pursue this dream.  To make it real.  To tackle the ups and downs.  To take my future into MY hands (hahaha, literally and figuratively – massage pun!)

Happiness is abound in the house tonight!!!

Wishing everyone else the courage to follow their dreams… and hoping so BIG that my courage will pay off.


One thought on “On Quitting…

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