September Goals!!

There are lots of changes coming in October.  They are exciting changes, but a little nerve wracking….  In light of said changes, I’ve been looking at our life… It’s structure…  Things that are working… Areas that need improvement…

We’re doing pretty good in a lot of areas… Here are some things that need improvement…

I’m not being consistent like I want to be.  Exercising makes me feel better, helps me achieve a more healthy shape and weight, and reduces my stress.  In my happy world, this is how much I’d be exercising…
Yoga/Pilates Daily in the AM (Just a short amount, enough to kinda stretch and start the day focused in a good way)
Run 3x a week.
Bike 3x a week. (Alternating with running days)
Rest 1x a week.
Strength Train 2x a week.
Walk Theron nightly. (This serves a dual purpose on nights Jon comes with me… gives us a chance to focus on just us and the pup.)

Practice the art of intuitive eating. (Eating only when hungry, stopping when no longer hungry, etc)
This makes a lot of sense to attempt now since my computer at home is less than functional and I have to use Hubs’ if I want the Internet to count calories.

Focus on moving towards whole/real foods.
We already do this for the most part. I make more exceptions (allowing for junkfoods) than I would like.  I’m also trying to eat reduced fat cheese/yogurt, and more real stuff.  I find the real deal a lot more satisfying, and then eat less.  We aren’t big meat eaters, so my saturated fat intake only comes from the coconut milk in my coffee for the most part.  So I’m not too worried about the sat. fat in the real cheese/yogurt.  I’m also trying to limit the sugar… I think I’ve got a hypoglycemia thing, but my body definitely doesn’t like when I sugar load it.

Focus on the budget.
We have a really good handle on where money goes and we pay all our bills very timely.  We make sure to have ample money going into our savings.  The problem is we are not very good shoppers.  (Other than Hubs with the grocer shopping.)  This weekend we actually estimated the cost of things on our list, and set ourselves up with a budget for the shopping trips we took to Home Depot and AC Moore… and stuck to it.  I want to see more of this it works and then I don’t have to pull unexpectedly from money set aside for car repairs, etc.  We’re also focusing on wants vs. needs… We both have enough t-shirts to clothe an army… Shopping for T-shirts is just asinine at this point… it’s all want based, not need based.

Both Hubs’ and I tend to push off our chores.  Sadly, he’s probably better about his chores than I am…  I have gotten really bad in the past few months when I’ve been so depleted by my job that I literally shut down and am useless by the time I get home.  Until chores feel like a habit again, I need to adopt the Nike mantra… “Just do it”.  Yes, I might be tired, or not “feel” like doing my chores… but they aren’t going to do themselves, and seeing all those to-do’s aren’t exactly helping my stress levels.

8 hours a night, every night.
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, sleep is so important for me.  I’m a better person when I have enough sleep.  This one is probably the easiest to push aside, but leads to the rest working much better.  My health starts here.

Stress/Anxiety Levels related to Job.
My job is what it is.  It’s not going to change.  And since it is my job, I can’t just let it destroy my motivation and drive in life.  I shouldn’t be uncomfortable about taking lunch away from my desk, or leaving on time.  I want to develop the ability to leave work at the door when I leave for the day.  I don’t want to think about any part of my job when I leave for the day.  If there were changes made at work with the nature of the working environment/culture I could be happier… But when it all boils down to it… I’m the one responsible for letting it get to me.  I want to enjoy each day I’m given as much as possible… I don’t want to waste it letting my job take that day from me.

I’m planning on working on these areas this month.  I really really feel like I will see some improvement if I stay focused.

There are 4 weeks left in this month.  I’m going to take 2 week chunks of time to focus on a few areas to really whip them into shape.
Weeks 1&2 (9/6-9/16) will be:  Sleep/Exercise/Nutrition
Weeks 3&4 (9/17-9/30) will be: Household/Work + Continue the good habits from Wks 1&2.

I’ll check in on Sunday each week to hold myself accountable.  I’ll share what worked, what didn’t work, etc.

Wish me luck, consistency and stick-to-it-ness!! 🙂


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