Rain Rain Here to Stay???

It’s been raining since yesterday morning… And I’ve been smiling ever since….

I love when it rains.  Well, I also love when it’s sunny, when it’s snowy… I just love the contrast and joy in different weather.  You can’t control it, so why not learn to love and embrace it??!!??

I love the smell of it… rain on asphalt, the smell of wet earth…
I love the sound of it… raindrops on the roof, on leaves, birds splashing around, raindrops on puddles….
I love the wet of it… I love wearing my mud boots and rain slicker… Packing my stuff in my mostly waterproof bag to traipse in and out of the office. 

Rain-stuffs, drying off, standing at the ready for their next wet and wonderful adventure!

I love how the world feels fresh and clean… I love the different light that happens during rainy days… and the occasional low misty cloud. 
I love snuggling up when I get home from a long rainy day and it’s a little damp in the house…

Tonight I walked Theron, in the rain, by my lonesome while that handsome man o’ mine went to the grocer’s.  Just as we were arriving on the home stretch what do we see??? The Hubs!!  Theron held his excitement in as long as possible then *bam* he was of like lightning for his daddy!!  

Tonight was easy dinner…. Large yellow corn tortillas were used for wraps, and were filled with buffalo chicken, pesto, cheddar and tomatoes from the garden.  On the side was leftover potato salad. 

After dinner I got into my comfy gear….  my Less is S’mores shirt and a pair of fleece pants (slightly too short thanks to the dryer) with snow flakes and bears on them.  Once appropriately costumed, we hunkered down in the sitting room with some candy cane lane tea…  And now we nest…  We’re snuggle up with blankets and pillows in our chairs in our newly reassembled den…   And I started reading aloud The Fellowship of the Ring… 


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