Broken Computer Syndrome!

We got most of our (Manual) Labor Day List accomplished this weekend!!  What good little worker bears we are.

But…  My computer is still riddled with disease and pestilence… and therefore the IE and FireFox are actually operating so slowly that I can’t open the browser windows without wanting to throw the computer against a wall.  😦 

It’s on Hubs’ to do list to work on it… but first he has to hang a small amount of dry way, hand a mirror, a cupboard and finish up some additional painting…. and then our bathroom is done!!!  (I took before pictures a few months ago before BathFitters, so I’ll do a before and after shot in the future.)

My in-laws will be here the weekend after next, so the house chores take priority over the computer.  😦

I’ll be sporadically posting when I can, but you know how Broken Computer Syndrome is. 😦


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