Blogger’s Block

I have about 15 half-concocted ideas of what to blog about…

But I don’t like doin it half way… I’m an aim for perfection kinda girl…

So what’s a girl like that to do???  Blog about the block.  Put the disclaimer out there that today’s post will be absolutely sub-par….  And that just is what it is today!

My computer is jacked up again….  This was discovered half way through breakfast… timed perfectly to leave it as Hubs’ responsibility while I showered and ran out to door to work…  Fun work… 3 massages in a row type of fun…

Hubs’ kinda half fixed the computer and then went up to the bathroom and set about getting it ready to install our new sink tomorrow I think.  He removed the old one, painted most of the walls, etc.  So I suppose I can’t complain on the functional but incomplete fix.  He says he’ll fix it 100% soon. 😉

When I got home from massaging, the Hokie’s were wiping the field with App State.  I’m not a big foosball girl, but Hubs is a sportsaholic, so I sat and watched the second half with him, while we enjoyed some tex-mex salads.

I feel like I pissed the rest of the day away…. I made some pesto… I rearranged a couple of rooms, which means more clutter in other rooms “temporarily”….I made some dinner… I went to the grocers… just nothing felt like it amounted to much.

I am starting to fear that if I had a less structured life… as in i didn’t have to report to work from x hour to x hour daily, that it would be a hard learning curve for me to stay focused and feel like I’ve accomplished something every day. 

I like feeling accomplished.  I think that’s a key to keeping me in a positive attitude.

I am hoping tomorrow to be accomplished… here’s the list:

  • Get up on time.
  • Yoga/Pilates
  • Activity – Either walk T or run on the treadmill… this will depend on how the bodacious body is feeling.
  • Breakfast
  • Shower/Prep
  • Church it – aiming for 9 am mass
  • Painting….
    • Prime the ceiling in foyer
    • Paint walls
    • Try not to pee own pants out of fear of getting paint all over places other than walls

Wish me success!!

How’s everyone else’s Sunday looking?

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