Stupid Alarm Clock

We have a really really sweet alarm clock.  Hubs’ workplace used to do a points program.  You’d get points for hitting goals, and for having good attendance, etc.  He used some of them to score this ultra-swanky alarm clock.

It’s this Alarm Clock has a ton of features, and there’s lots of reasons I love it.

It’s got an aromatherapy function.
It’s got nature sounds.
It’s got a beeper noise.
It’s got progressive lighting features.

I think it’s got too much!  Or I’m too lazy to learn how to use it right. 🙂

There’s a few different places where you can change features that you want to use. 

I think I might have changed some setting when trying to correct settings Hubs set up.

In light of that, the stupid ocean sounds and lighting features are full force 15 minutes before we need to wake up.  Normally I can totally dig this… wake up more naturally with a gradual light increase to kick the circadian rhythm into gear… yah, that sounds good.  But it’s nto feeling progressive, it’s like a full onslaught 15 minutes before wake up…

What’s the big deal, it’s just 15 minutes right???

15 minutes is 2 snooze cycles… 

So… As you can guess, we hit the snooze bar.

After you hit the snooze bar a few times, it shuts the beeping aspect of the alarm clock off (with the settings I appear to have set up).

Then, it’s not 5 am that youre’ getting up, it’s 7:15 when the sun is now so bright you can’t fight the day light!

That Ladies and Gents is why my morning workouts this week have been epic fails. 😦

And I have news for myself… I’m sleepier after 2.5 hours of snoozery sleep than if I had just talked myself into getting up at 4:45.

Just in case you were laying awake at night wondering how my alarm clock situation was. 🙂

Please tell me this happens to other people???


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