(Manual) Labor Day Weekend

We have chosen to spend this three day weekend doing household projects…  Lame I know…

While I say “we”, I fear most of the list will fall to that handsome man I live with.

Because I have three massages scheduled for Saturday starting at 10 am!!! (Wooohooo!)… So I will be unable to help before or during those.  Gotta save my muscles and what not…

Here’s the To-Do List… Feel free to gasp in astonishment at how overly confident we are in our ability to get things done!

  • Paint ceiling in bathroom (About 3 coats)
  • Pain bathroom walls (Between 3-5 coats)
  • Remove old bathroom sink
  • Install new bathroom sink
  • Prime foyer ceiling
  • Paint foyer ceiling
  • Paint foyer/entry way (Fingers crossed this will only be 2 coats)
  • Touch up side entry way
  • Craigslist a ton of stuff to clear the clutter

Already looking forward to bed time on Monday night!!! 🙂

Anyone else have a jam-packed weekend planned???


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