Guest Posting!!

The coolest thing happened this afternoon!

Paula asked me to guest post while she and her gorgeous family are on vacation in Cape Cod!!

There were a few thoughts immediately:

  • This is sooooooooooo amazingly cool!  I love Paula, and I love what she does with her life and her blog.  She’s seriously real, and a little OCD like I am, and she’s both corporate and creative.  My kinda girl!
  • I am soooooo jealous!  I have always wanted to visit the Cape!!  We live too far away from there to to visit as it stands now… and our vacation time traditionally goes to visiting the family in VT.  Every year I tell Hubs, let’s split our vacation time between going home, and actually taking vacations just us.  Every year we end up in Vermont for most/all… which is super fun, but visiting family is different than a true vacation.  
  • This is such an honor!! Paula has a great following and a lot of people really love her & her blog! I hope I can do her justice.

What cool stuff happened for everyone else this Friday night???


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