Mother Fockers….

What do you do when you come home and Hubs tells you that they have Wholly Guacamole marked down at K-roger???  Well obvi you tell him to stop painting the bathroom ceiling and you race off to the store.

What do you do when he mentions he rented (well got a free rental) out of the redbox earlier?  You modify your meal plans to be something quick and easy to eat in front of the movie.

I provide you a quick guide…
While at K-roger, pick up discounted salsa and Krogs brand chips…

Line them up on the counter.
Take a photo.

Pull out your Dollar Tree fake stone bowls, and a random basket.
Put your salsa and guac in a fake stone bowl each, and then the chips in the basket (after lining it with a towel).
Take a photo again.

Viola!!  Dinner is served.

Off to go watch Little Fockers…. (The title makes more sense now huh?)


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