Best (Work) Day Ever

I came in to…

A mountain of gluten free goodies made care of Ashley, Ashley and Shawna….
Followed shortly thereafter by a gift bag with my favorite muscato, and a t-shirt (Life is Good, of course)… with a heartwarming card from those three and Nicole and Jackie!!

A short while later I was greeted in the hall with an edible arrangement… with coconut… I freakin love coconut!! (Thanks Fitz, Angie, Libby, Judy and Tammi!!)

I think this day totally goes down as the best day ever (at work).


Slouching Sabotagues your Six-Pack

Linsday’s List from Tuesday has had me thinking on it ever since…

Especially that tip from Men’s Health…  #2…

I do pilates, on average every other day, most weeks.  It takes 10-20 minutes.

However, that is 30-80 minutes of my week.

I don’t focus on my core any time other than that… Excluding when I practice yoga and when I run…  The rest of the time, I slouch, perch, slump…

Therefore, I completely negate all my core work…and honestly, am reinforcing the poor posture behaviours/choices.

This is a theme for me.  When I massage, I usually use proper body mechanics (It’s important to do so to have a long and fruitful career.)… but sometimes I slouch or bend awkwardly in order to really get to a muscle.  I catch myself quickly.  But it’s that same concept.

What we are (body-wise, character-wise, etc) is truly what we are the majority of the time… not what we are for a few minutes of the day… 

Now that’s something to sit up straight and pay attention to! 🙂

Yoga – Morning Versus Evening

Long ago, and far away, before Hubs lost a tooth, I used to practice Yoga in the evenings on Monday and Thursday nights while Hubs was away playing basketball.  It was glorious, and restorative, and centering, and I LOVED IT!!!

Since the tooth debacle I have lost my Mindy-Yoga time.   Why you ask?  Because he’s a super cool guy, my best buddy and I love to soak up any time I can spend with him!!  So… until his tooth is finally firmly and permantently in, he can’t play.  Therefore… I end up hanging out with him Monday and Thursday nights… Not practicing my Yoga.

Which I missed.

A lot.

So…  A couple months ago, I finally convinced him to do a quick 20 minute practice most monrings with me. 

He liked it!!!  I liked sharing somethign I love, and finding time to practice again.  Around that same time I had started using the treadmill again.  I was finding it very helpful when I am going to run in the morning to center and stretch my body.  I had grown to think that I might even prefer morning Yoga!!!

And then…

Last night…

I practiced Yoga in the evening…

And my muscles were already warm from the day, instead of cold from sleep…

Enter pliability of the body… combined with not feeling rushed to get to work…  It was wonderful.

Part of the beneift probably had to do with my body being already awake as it was the end of the day.  Rather than using Yoga to help wake it….
I felt far more centered (mentally/emotionally) after my practice last night than I have felt in months upon months.

I definitely noticed that the morning practice centers and prepares my body, but the evening practice worked primarily on my mind.

Anyone else notice this?

I’m thinking of doing a few asanas before bed for a few nights and seeing if I sleep sounder!

Cut to the Chase – M&M’s

Know what I am having for lunch today?


Know how many times I had to justify that choice??? TWICE!!

Truthfully, I wanted them for dinner.  I wanted roasted potatoes and M&M’s.  However… Here’s what Hubs had to say on that: 
“I would be ok with roasted potatoes… but m&ms?”

In my world, that means he vetoed it.

However, it’s all I want!!!  I don’t want my lentil soup.  I don’t want my nuts and dried fruit.  I want some stinkin M&M’s.

So that’s my lunch. 🙂

My buddy Mark asked, as usual each work day:
M: “What was lunch?”
Me: “M&M’s”
M: “Just M&M’s”
       DON”T GIVE ME CRAP (Hubs name was inserted here)
       It was going to be roasted potatoes and M&M’s for dinner
       but (Hubs) gave me that really crap
       it’s all I want
       I don’t want to eat a bunch of other crap because “I should” and then still eat the dammmmn m&ms 
        cut to the chase, m&ms
 So that’s today’s lunch time motto…

Cut to the chase, don’t eat everything else under the sun when you know all you want really and truly is M&M’s.

Two exciting things to celebrate today!!!

Handsome Hubs FINALLY gets his tooth (the real fake one) put back on…

Dental Visit Taking the Final Mould…

And it’s the beginning of my last week here at The Bank.  (When I capitalize it like that, assume a somber booming voice saying it).

Happy Monday!!

Rest and Restoration…

I have no massages scheduled today.
I have no obligations beyond watching the Hokie game out somewhere with the Hubs at 3:30.

I’m so psyched.  A whole day.  Just for me.

And my Honey-Do List is nice and long. 

  • Laundry
  • Dust
  • Vacuum
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Change bed clothes
  • Make bread (2 styles)
  • Exercise (Shoulder & Knee PT, Run/Bike, Yoga – Sounds like a lot but I promise it was less than an hour and a half)
  • Move boxes out of Dining Room

I’m wicked ready to tackle my list!!  Does anyone else find it restorative and relaxing to kick around your house with nothing more to do than putter away at your chores?  Sometimes it’s a headache if time is short, but if I have the time laid out… Nothing beats it.  Especially when it’s a weekend like this where the past week has been a little disorganized/out of order and restoring the order to the house will make the rest of things feel more organized.

But first…. to fuel….  Oats with nutella, craisins, coconut, hemp and flax!!  (I could only finish half my portion… lots of good fiber!)

I’m playing with fire oats…. to see if they illicit a gluteny response.  The first three trials state they are okay.  Today with me feeling 100% with no other variables will be the key test.  Keep you fingers crossed because a bag of certified GF oats is an insane $11, and a bucket of the same amount of regular ones are like $3. 

Happy Chore Day!  + Go HOKIES!

Dinner of Convenience

Hubs and the In-laws took a trip to Walmart last Friday.  I’m glad he went because he was the Gluten Free Warden of the shopping trip.  We don’t allow gluten in the house (beer excluded).  He/They found some Progresso soups that were GF!  They said so on the label, so it has to be true.

It’s been rainy and deary all the live long day here.  Perfect to set the mood for soup and sandwiches for dinner.

Plus, Hubs boiled eggs this morning.  2 were supposed to make it into my lunch.  0 actually made it in.  After I got over my initial disappointment… I decided to make egg salad sandwiches tonight!

After dinner and a trot around the hood in my mudboots, I’m posting this and then I fully plan to snag a glass o’ vino, and snuggle down in the reading room and read some of The Fellowship of the Ring aloud to Hubs.

Yes, we know how to party like rockstars.  We just chose not to. 😉
Here’s Theron living it up, thanks to Mark’s gift of puppy stix…

Theron reading the package to make sure it’s wheat free…

Theron sampling the wares…  which he LOVED.  Thanks again Marky!

What’s going on for everyone else’s Friday nights????

Hubs wanted me to share a link…You can enter to win a $5,000.00 dream vacation.  Via Ford.  And you don’t even have to bring me.