Wicked Wednesday!

Normally month end is pretty big business at work.
Lots of last minute stuff that comes in.  Lots of staying late.  Lots of rudeness and stress a-plenty in our department. 

Now I’m not saying I won’t have to stay late after my class…  But I will say the stress is at a standstill for the day while I’m in class.

I know it’s turbo-nerdy, but I love this ergonomics stuff!!!  Probably because it appeals to the healthy little Mindy in me… and to my massage training… but it’s been such a breath of fresh air.  It’s helping me to get rid of some of this stagnant stress. 

It’s giving me hope that if some things in my work/life situation changes, I could be happy, healthy and whole feeling again.

I think stress breeds stress.  I think negativity breeds negativity.  And I think if those things are not managed from the top down; they multiply in weird ways. 

When I first started this new position, I was ready and raring to go!!!  I was pumping the positivity out of every pore!  I thought I could help make things more streamlined, help when everyoen else seemed so down in the dumps.  I truly (and sadly I was totally incorrect) thought I could be a change agent. 

As the past few months have gone by, I find myself dragged further and further down.  It has gotten to a point where I don’t even see those little glimmers of light breaking through the storm clouds.  I used to think I could be that light in the dark.  That me being happy and weathering the storm by looking for those silver linings would be enough.

As I am sure you can tell from my past posts, I’m not being very successful on that front. 

This class has been great for reminding me of who I am, independant from my life in my work department.  I honestly cannot wait for the day I get to be me all day long!!

Sorry for two serious posts in a day.  Tonight will be full of whimsy(I HOPE!!!)!!  Or at least filled with some Theron antics. 🙂


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