Oh Substantial One….. You are so substantialiscious….

Long ago, and far away… in 2005… I moved from Vermont where I lived with my lovely mother and my littlest of sisters… and our cat.  Kayla…

The way I like to recall the story of Kayla and her substantialicious ways is this…

Kayla became so depressed, and so despondent over my apparent (and well, really she was right) abandonment of her that she started packing on the ounces… which turned into pounds.

Over the course of time, she became a little…. larger in stature…  In fact… My mom’s best friend Kimmie even said Kayla had become substantial.  This I didn’t rightly believe.  For she was always svelte and in good shape.  I often tried to train her (to take baths – fail, to go on a leash – fail, to love me and let me hold and pet her – fail… She’s my most disappointing student to date).  And she often tried to run away.  Perhaps that’s why it took so long for her to grow to her substantial-ness.

She’s returned to almost her svelte figure of old… as you can see below.  I can’t seem to find any pictures of the substantial days… I am left to assume she tore them up with her mighty claws of fury.

However today, when I “won” this in training… I knew it was a sign… It was time to tell the world of Kayla…. The cat who became substantial…. and then not substantial anymore…. because it’s true… Kayla made substantial look so good…. she was…. (wait for it)…. substantialiscious!!!

How Kayla Lost the Ounces, and the Substantialisciousness….

She cleaned up her act…

Got her ear pierced…

Learned to relax and chill….
Started practicing yoga….
And was back to being herself again… svelte indeed!


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