Bad News; Good News.

Bad news…. My 1.5 year old laptop is majorly dysfunctional and will not boot up.  As of about 7:15 last night.  🙂
I hate being computer-less.  I have asked Hubs to try to work on fixing it up, keep your fingers crossed because I really really really don’t want to have to buy a new one.  But I do need one for business purposes.  Waaaah!
Good news…  All day today and tomorrow I’m attending a Site Ergonomics Training Class!  With my background in massage, as soon as this was offered, I ran to my supervisor and asked to be put in the class.  It’s all so interesting, and I love having ways to provide real solutions to problems. 
                As an aside… being away from my regular work setting I’ve noticed some things…
·         No nausea.  No stomach pain.  No headache.
·         No extreme fatigue.  No irrational levels of  irritability.
Now I’m not saying these things are something more than “coincidence”…. But I will say that it’s serious mysterious that these two things are happening in tandem!

I’m sure these next two days will fly by!!!


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