Gluten Free Grillin Girl

That’s what Hubs called me tonight…

I have a horrible confession.  Tonight is the first time, since we moved in here in 2007, that I have used our grill.

It’s a boy job to grill, so I never really ummm… wanted chose to take on that chore.

But at dinner time, handsome Hubs was making a screen for an oversized window in our dining room. 

I had to take matters into my own hands…

The peppers were already cut up and frozen, and we had a couple vidalias kicking around.  I sliced them bad boys up and threw them with the peppers and onions in the microwave…  I pre-cooked them a bit, then pre-heated the grill.  I pulled a couple of chicken (Italian pepper and onion flavor) sausages out of the freezer.
The whole mess went on the grill… and then I sprinkled basil and garlic salt on the peppers and onions and coated them with a little olive oil. 

It was a perfect breezy summer night.  Nothing quite like eating outdoors!! Theron decided to dine al fresco as well.

Grilling girls get grill beers… I had purchased this brew a while back at Wine Gourmet and hadn’t tried it until tonight.  I pulled out two frosty mugs to share it with Hubs. 🙂 

While it says gluten free…. It totally didn’t taste that way!!!

It was actually really good after it “breathed”…. Do beers need to do that?  All I know is that it was the first time since going gluten free that I actually enjoyed a beer and forgot a beer was gluten free.  That’s a huge deal… HUGE!!  Hubs agreed.  We took our beers out-front to play some corn hole before the sun went down!  I love cool summer evenings.  Time to go slide into bed and fall to sleep with the crickets serenading!

I just had to throw this one on here.  Doesn’t he look like a little albino wolf howling at the moon???


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