I may, or may not have stayed out far too late Friday night.
I also may or may not have ended up with a killer hangover that lasted most of Saturday.
We also may or may not have gotten out in the first round of cornhole… but I bet if we did… we totally did it with actual points on the board this year….
We may or may not have had a The NeverEnding Story / The NeverEnding Story II marathon in the evening…

But I do know one thing for sure… I finally feel rested again today.

This morning we slept in a little later than I planned (I wanted up at 7, but we got up at 8:15), but still had time for a quick walk for T, and breakfast (bacon, eggs over easy and toast) before we raced against the clock to get to Church on time (by 9:30 am)

Epic fail… not for lack of getting it all done… more because mass started at 9:00, not 9:30 as I thought. 

From St. A’s FB Page…

To be honest, this would normally have been enough for us to just bag the whole church idea… Instead, we puttered around until 11:00 and made it to 11:30 mass.  A random thing happened after mass when we were on our way to the fellowship hall…  We ran into our former across the street neighbor and his twin boys!  We ended up staying there chatting for 2 hours!!!  I thought they went somewhere else… but it was nice to see them.  He’s a CMT as well, and it sounds like we might start doing some trades!!! Hooray for body work.  Keep your fingers crossed I don’t psyche myself out because he’s been doing massage for like 8 years, to my measly 1.5.

Then we hit up Lowes.

Our foyer is always messy with shoes…  And today I just had it…  I am sick of tripping over Hubs’ clown shoes… Mine of course are annoying as well, but they are smaller and easier to maneuver around.

This is what was there before….

And here’s what is there now…  I’m almost thinking we need a second one on top of that one… thoughts?

This was exactly what I was looking for… functional, inexpensive… great. 🙂

Now we’re off, with much to do… Grill out (super psyched, the weather is freakin awesome today…. sunny, warm breeze, feels like Vermont in the summer), corn hole or ladder golf, and walk Theron!!


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