Weight Talk Wednesday

Let’s just lay it out on the table here…  I am still about 28-30 lbs from my weight loss objective.  And 17 lbs away from a “healthy” BMI.

I’ve been trying to lose this weight, in whole or in part, for the better part of my life. 
Working at it more seriously (in spurts) the past 6 or so years.

I will work consistently for a couple of months, see the scale go down by 3-5 lbs… and then it won’t budge.  I’ll get discouraged, feel like all this work isn’t doing anything.
I’ll worry I have an adrenal gland problem.
Or a thyroid problem. 
Or I’ve got something else wrong with me.

But you know what it really probably is?

I lack diligence and consistency…  I don’t stick to my plan through the hard parts.  I stop pushing through when I don’t see the scale move on down.

While there are many reasons I want to lose weight, which I plan to will post about next Wednesday, the fact remains that as soon as I get disheartened I tend to throw my hands up in the air (like you just don’t caaaare) and then give up for a meal, a day, a week, sometimes longer.  Then I have to struggle to reign it back in; to eat healthy, to not have an extra drink or two, to not skip out on Theron’s walk, or my morning workout…

Sadly, I am pretty motivated by results and accomplishments.  Without seeing either, I struggle.  I stumble.  I fall.  This isn’t just with the weight loss…  It’s a common thread in my life.
When it comes to my weight loss/health I’m trying to help myself find other ways to capture that feeling of accomplishment…

For example:
Last week I was getting pretty disheartened.  And it shows…

  • My job is extremely challenging right now.  I’m still training on a process that’s in flux.  I am having huge issues with anxiety and stress as a result.  The anxiety and stress follows me home.  Where I used to be able to shut the flow of stress off, or slow it to a trickle…  Lately, I can’t.  I also have pretty poor stress management skills, or rather the tried and true aren’t working anymore… (Yoga, sleep, deep breathing). 
  • I’m emotionally exhausted, yet I haven’t been keeping up with my sleep hygiene.
  • I haven’t seen the scale budge, even though I’d been working pretty consistently at it.
  • I felt like no matter what I have been doing, I couldn’t gain traction.
  • The scale certainly was not moving, despite my efforts.

And then, right as I was getting to that “Woe is me, all my hard work is getting me no where.” phase…  One of my co-workers asked me if I had lost weight.  While I could honestly say: “No, no I haven’t, but thank you”.   But inside, I was doing a little mental happy dance!!

Simple as that was, it was enough to keep me on track.  And to remind me that scale isn’t the only indicator of success.

Then this week, my pants all fit great coming out of the dryer… I usually do not dry my jeans because it makes them littler.  They’ve been a little looser, so I decided to go for it…  and they fit!!!  Might not seem like much, but I’m taking that as my indicator this week, and my motivator.

What do you use for non-scale motivation?

4 thoughts on “Weight Talk Wednesday

  1. How my pants fit is also a good motivator for me! It really is a big deal when all of a sudden those too tight jeans fit making you feel fabulous πŸ™‚ Keep up the great work and don't let the scale get you down!! It's just a number πŸ™‚

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