Refrigerator Sangria!!!

Tonight we had leftovers from El Rod’s….
And since my sangria was soooooooo yummy last night…
I made refrigerator Sangria.

Well, counter top and refrigerator….

First you fill some wine glasses about half way up with cubed ice… Or I suppose crushed ice would be fine as well. šŸ™‚  I don’t use the crush function unless I’m making smoothies or frozen drinks

Then you pour a nice fruity wine into the glass…I used some of Chateau Morrisette Red Mountain Laurel.

Next, add a somewhat inexpensive red wine…  Like this Malbec chillin on our counter….

Add a splash of Limoncello (because you’re too lazy to hit up the liquor cabinet in the basement)…

Stir it up, and enjoy…

We plan to enjoy while watching season 6 of Futurama. šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Refrigerator Sangria!!!

  1. Mindy! A Roanoke blogger!! I'm so glad you found me through CNC! Haha! El Rod's…omigod, my husband and I are obsessed. šŸ˜‰ I never liked Mexican food until he took me there when I moved here. So glad you found me! I swear, anyone even remotely close to us is in DC or NC. Haha.

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