Reality Check

Most times when I’m blogging, I find that I can take a few minutes to capture the positives of life.  That’s a huge benefit for me.  I shifts my mind frame so I spend more of the day seeing the positives so I can share it with the blog-o-world.  But perhaps that’s painting a slightly altered impression of me. 

While I hope the positivity tends to come through on a lot of my posts, I’m somewhat different in real life.

Full on Mama-mode
I’m blunt, sometimes to a fault.  I will say what I think needs to be said, and am not the best at making it all syupy, sugar coated and sweet.  I’ll take the fall for others.  I stand up when others can’t, won’t, or don’t.  This makes me a great friend to have, because I will defend you like a mama bear does her cubs.  Your slights are my slights.  Your pain, I will try to fix for you.  However, this also makes me come across hard at times.
I’m funny.  I swear I am.  I love to make people laugh.  I love to be the center of attention and try to lighten up a room.  I honestly love life, and I love times when I can remember just!  However, you may want to wear ear protection.  I have a “booming laugh”.  I laugh fully from the diaphragm, and at times flat out cackle. 

Get it??? Diaphragm, breathing…. ahhh I got jokes!

I’m also wicked loud.   I’ve never learned the nuance of voice modulation.  I speak fast and loud…  Often times sounding like I’m lecturing, when I’m just trying to be taken seriously.
Speaking of being taken seriously…  I do a lot of though processing outside my head… I think out loud.  Sometimes if the thoughts are still have baked, they come out sounding kinda… ditsy.  Other times, strokes of genius (okay, not really, but a girl can dream).  Either way, I’m authentic… to a fault.
I can’t lie for crap, and I often have my foot in my mouth.  My sense of humor can be quite crass, and a little inappropriate. 
I’m just as likely to point out a gorgeous sunset and wax poetically about it, as I am to point out the girl three rows over with a dryer sheet sticking out of her shoe (and about 80% of the time, I’m the one who will go over and tell that poor girl).

There.  That’s reality.  Yes, I do soooo very hard to try to focus on finding silver linings… And I love to stick up for the underdog, so long as said underdog hasn’t hurt anyone I care about!  I will point out the broccoli in your teeth, and then probably congratulate you for eating your veggies. 

I’m a mess.  Not always positive, but trying to hard to focus on that side of life. 

I just wanted to make that quite clear!


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