That Which is Seen, and That Which is Unseen.

A blog is great because it’s public and anyone can see it.
Someone out there may be struggling with the same issues you are struggling with.  They may stumble upon your blog and find camaraderie, strength, guidance or empathy.
Someone else may be looking for something fun or a way to change or enhance their life. They might find that spark to do so by reading someone else’s antics.

A blog is a struggle because it’s public and anyone can see it.
Your current employer, your family, your friends, your potential employers can all view whatever you post if they are technologically savvy.  This forces censure at times, or requires second thoughts on what is posted.

I find some of the things rattling around my heart the most fall into that category where there is a little tug between sharing and keeping it safe. 
I don’t want to say something that could hurt someone’s feelings, when I know their feelings on certain topics are delicate, even if that infringes on something I want to address.  Most times I find ways to work around this.
I don’t want to say something that could be viewed as complete dissatisfaction with parts of my life and have that reflect on my career, home life, etc. 

But I do question why it’s rattling around so fast and so loud if it’s not meant to come out.  If it’s not banging around in there trying to find a little chink in my armour where it can escape!

That is why sometimes a post might seem partially incomplete… or like there’s possibly something more going on that makes it feel a little veiled.

This has been very hard for me.  If you know me, you know I speak first, think second.  And I have a hard time holding my own news close to the vest.  It’s been a great little lesson to learn.


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