Monday Love

Monday!!!  How I loathe enjoy you…

How I loathe love the stress of the impending week, and how it stole all my sleep last night…

How I loathe love the parts of you that feel like a restart each time you roll around, and how that pushes me out of bed when I’d prefer to try to steal back a few moments of sleep from Sunday night…

Actually, to be fair, and honest….

Once I actually got to the point of eating breakfast (AKA I fully awoke, thanks to some yoga and time with my good friend the stationary bike)… the day has been pretty freakin awesome.

Breakfast was more tortilla pie!!

I had a few really important and great conversations today.  The kind that are paving the way to help achieve my dreams. 🙂  Such as, I’m going to start massaging on Saturdays again!!!!  Check out my website Call one and all… schedule like crazy! 🙂

And the day is clipping along nicely!!!

I’m so excited to get home to see this face!!!!!


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