Happy Evening Dog Trot

It’s a crisp 72 degrees out right now.  And Theron and I just returned from the most wonderful of walks…

I swear in the crisp air, smells travel better.  We approached one house and the aroma of  london broil on the grill beckoned us… it called to us even before we turned to corner to it’s street.  We went up another street and you could smell someone having a fire in their backyard; it threw me head first into memories of camping as kid.  Another house had laundry going and it smelled like I had just bounced onto a big pile of freshly laundered towels.  Every few houses you could smell grass that had been cut earlier in the day, in the heat of the afternoon.
That certain quality to the air that makes it fall like is hard to place, other than to call it cool, and crisp…  I also like to call it my happy happy happy girl temperature.

To make the walk even smile worthy…  It was during the “magic time”.  I suppose most would call it twilight or dusk… it’s that small series of moments when the sun has gone down, but the vestiges of light still grace the horizon.  The quality of light is amazing, and stars just start to be a ghost of a thought in the sky.

Theron and I only encountered one other dog, which is a good thing because frankly, Theron’s pack is human and not dog for a reason!  But other than that we had a calm and wonderful walk.

I hope if it’s pretty out where you live, you had few moments to enjoy.

It’s going to be great sleeping weather tonight!!  I can feel it now… a nice light breeze in the windows…. I’ll be sleepin like a log in no time!


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