Started and Stopped….

I’m full fledged in the middle of a killer headache… Therefore, my poor brain’s not working too well.

In light of that…

I have started and stopped several different blog posts today…Started because they are rockstar ideas… and then stopped because it’s an act of Mindy-brain-cell-congress to string enough words together to make a legitimate sentence.  Plus it’s gotten so bad I am squinting out of my left eye in order to use it… no lie.

I don’t get it!! I’ve been a good girl today… what’s with the brain punishing me???

I slept in a little; thanks to a terrible nightmare.  But about an hour later than expected we got up, and did yoga… which man oh man did I need!  I think I was braggin on my Achilles a little too much because I sure could feel them today.  I skipped the pilates today because my lower back can still feel yesterday’s!

I made an iced coffee, and filled my water bottle and went down to the dungeon home gym.  I clocked a solid 30 minutes on the bike; using one of the programs.  I did some weight training with the free weights and tension bands.  I stretched… I did good!!! 

I came up and made another iced coffee… I puttered a little but then got down to business and used the recipe for quick waffles on the back of the bag of Pamela’s Ultimate Baking and Pancake Mix and added pumpkin pie spice and ginger to make them all ginger-bready for the handsome lawn-care guy I saw out front (Hubs).  We had that, with Cabot Smoky Bacon Cheddar (HEAVEN) with VT Maple from the Corse Farm (I love family foods  🙂  ).  YUM!

Shortly after that my head started feeling like it was too small for it’s contents.  Huge headache. 

Hubs ran to the store at the bottom of the hill… we’re hoping it’s an electrolyte issue.  I tend to have issues with worrying about my water consumption.  I overdo it I suspect.  I think we calculated out that I’ve had something crazy like 180 ounces of water.  Wayyyy too much.

So here I sit, sippin some Gatorade… I feel sorta ridiculous as the headache is abating, and it seems that I kinda caused it myself.  BLAST!!

More later, once the brain is fully functioning again!


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