The What-If Machine…

I don’t know if there are any other Futurama hounds out there… but I loooooooooove that cartoon!!

They have a couple great episodes about the “What if Machine” that Dr. Farnsworth creates.   Basically you ask this small golden TV What if Questions… There’s one where Bender asks what if he was human, and you get to see him be the worlds biggest glutton. 

Anyway… This week I wish I could go back and do a What if week…

What if I got to bed on time?
What if I got enough sleep?
What if I got up on time?
What if I got a work out in every day as planned?
What if I walked the dog every day?
What if I skipped the sugar loaded taffy on Wednesday?

I hate to admit… I’d probably be a heck of a lot happier today.

I’d probably be looking forward to this evening… I’d be psyched to play corn hole and drink wine…  Instead of counting down to bed time…  I can’t wait to be zonked out!!

It’s sorta sad when your “It’s FINALLY Friday” thought is…
It’s the week is finally over, I can finally get some sleep…
Rather than… The week is finally over… let’s get ready to get in some trouble and have some fun!!

Please caffeine fairy… come visit me this afternoon… Kick my butt into fun mode!!  I promise I won’t yelp in pain, but kiss you on both cheeks and say thank you!!


2 thoughts on “The What-If Machine…

  1. sleeping is one of my favourite past-times 🙂 I say forget the caffeine and sleep away ….who knows maybe you will party-it-up in your dreams!

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