A Hairy Situation

This morning started off soooo good.  We got up just before 5 am.  We did some yoga, and some pilates… then went down to the basement gym and worked out with Macgyver.  Then I cleaned most of the house.  It was so nice to get that done BEFORE work.
I was hoping I was on a roll… but  it was not to be… As soon as I pulled into the parking lot, and put the civic in park… I got nauseous and my heart started racing.  Stress?  Probably.  Anxiety?  Probably. 
I may have melted down a little this morning… Until Handsome Husband reminded me that it’s very unlikely that I would get fired for wanting to do my job right.  Then I had to waste a few hours of our IT guy’s time with my FUBAR-ed computer.  Still not fixed… 😦

But then I came home for some delicious fishes…  It was on the table and ready to go with some green beans for dinner.  What a nice hubs I have!

Then I went and got my hairs cut…

The last time I was there was right after I did a face plant after getting wrapped up with Theron’s tie out.  This is what I looked like:

They were happy that today this is more along the lines of I looked like…  However, they did spend the majority of the appointment telling everyone in the shop how messed up my face was, and how Hubs was missing a tooth in Italy. 

Most recent photo w/ hair down, which is vital for comparison to “after” shot

And now… with Amy’s excellent hair skills….

LOOK HOW PRETTY MY HAIR IS!!  It’s a good hair day night!


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